The Premium

The Premium

The Premium is situated opposite the finish line and adjacent to the Parade Ring, offering stunning views of the horseracing and entertainment. Guests can soak up the electric atmosphere in this outdoor area from the comfort of their own reserved, numbered seats. Food and beverages are available from the inside area behind the seats. Guests can enjoy their food either inside with the comfort of air conditioning or outside at their seats in order not to miss the racing action.

This package includes afternoon tea, gourmet dinner snacks, soft drinks and standard house beverages. A premium list will be available for anyone who wishes to purchase a bottle of sparkling on the day.

Guests for this package enter through Gate A and turn right - ticket holders will also have access to Apron Views and Parade Ring Lawns. Each guest will have a unique seat number on their ticket and this will be their reserved seat for the entire day. This is an outdoor package and guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen.


Hospitality details for Dubai World Cup March 27, 2021 will be updated in due course.  


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