Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)

Emirates Global Aluminium is one of the world’s largest ‘premium aluminium’ producers and the biggest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas. We employ more than 8,000 people and supply customers in more than 60 countries.


Our aluminium is the biggest made-in-the-UAE export after oil and gas, bringing in billions of dollars of export revenue each year.


Four per cent of the world’s aluminium production, or almost half of the aluminium produced in the Gulf Cooperation Council, is produced by us.


At home, EGA is the foundation and heart of a broader aluminium sector which is the largest employer amongst the UAE’s energy-intensive industries.


The development of the business since the 1970s has taken the UAE from no aluminium production to the fifth largest aluminium-producing country in the world.


Our operations at Al Taweelah in Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali in Dubai are some of the largest industrial sites in the country.


We take pride in our research and technology, driving growth through our own innovation. We have used homegrown technology for every expansion at our smelters since the 1990s.


Our technology enables EGA to be cost competitive and environmentally responsible while meeting our customers’ and society’s needs.


In 2016, we became the first UAE industrial company to licence its core industrial process technology internationally, a major milestone in the country’s journey to a knowledge-based economy.


EGA’s high quality aluminium reaches every every corner of the globe, and is part of buildings, transportation systems and products that touch the lives of billions of people every day.


EGA’s produces amongst the highest volume of value added products – or ‘premium aluminium’ - of any company. This means that EGA is a global industry leader in creating additional value from its primary aluminium.


Today we are investing in new projects to expand upstream and internationally from our heritage in aluminium smelting, creating new revenue streams and securing the resources the UAE’s aluminium industry needs to grow.


Our project to develop a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in Guinea is one of the largest greenfield investments in that country for over 40 years. It will add considerably to Guinea’s economy and is creating several thousand direct and indirect jobs.


In the UAE we are building an alumina refinery, only the second in the Middle East. This plant will refine bauxite into alumina, the feedstock for aluminium smelters. It will reduce the UAE’s dependence on imported alumina.


When these projects are complete, EGA will be an integrated upstream and midstream aluminium company, delivering value from mine to metal to you.


EGA is owned equally by Mubadala Investment Company of Abu Dhabi and Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is the largest company jointly owned by the two Emirates.




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