Dom Bagnato

Dom Bagnato, 33 years young! Experience reflects Dom the man’s outstanding in-depth knowledge of the fashion and retail industry. Textile designer, pattern maker, tailor, stylist, fashion designer and retail operator including the implementation of new modern concept store designs, have been the vital skills that have made Dom one of Australia's proven and successful fashion and retail experts in a field of constant revolving doors of changing trends and economic fluctuations.Dom has developed fashion lines for several demographic markets which include medium to high end business and special occasion "Ready To Wear" and " Custom Made" attire, with brands such as the signature brand of Dom Bagnato. Through advanced leadership, communication and management skills, Dom leads his team, working in close association with world class manufactures, to deliver a truly outstanding product reflecting the culture and attitudes of the DOM BAGNATO brand.

From boutique stores in Australia & New Zealand, exclusivity with national department store Myer, long term business relationships upheld and the capability to understand his client and markets, Dom's leading edge provides a superior level of customer service with all stakeholders which differentiates the DOM BAGNATO brand from the others within an industry that continually faces intense competition from online stores and a vulnerable market.

As finalist and winner of many Fashion Industry Awards, Dom Bagnato has gained respect and reputation as an industry leader, enjoying his brand's participation in many Runway shows and Fashion Industry events including Fashion on the Fields around Australia and the famous Melbourne Cup of which Dom is guest Judge in the Menswear categories.

Sourcing fabrics from overseas, mentoring at Universities, participation in local and international fashion trade events, designer, retailer and business leader - Dom Bagnato the brand is an ongoing work in progress with Dom welcoming new and exciting opportunities locally and internationally.

Specialties: Fashion & Accessories Design, Textile Design & Manufacturing, Product Sourcing, Product Development, Merchandising, Consulting, Fashion Runways, Pricing Strategy, Leadership, Sales, PR, Marketing, Advertising, Retail Operations, Store Planing & Implementation

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